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Be a Unique Prayer Intercessor
We don’t just ask for prayer because it’s an easy thing to do. We ask because genuine committed prayer is hard work and it’s effective. We know God listens and answers our Prayers. Please pray for our staff, volunteers, and all those that we will encounter.
How can Unique pray for you today?
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Be a Unique Servant
We are always in need of volunteers for our yearly Conference and Missions, from greeting students, to counseling, security, and more. If you can’t join us for the conference in the Summer, please join us for our bimonthly Apartment Outreaches.
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Be a Unique Giver
We need your help to continue to reach students for Jesus.
Our yearly conference only costs a student $30 to come for 4 days, but the actual costs are much greater and the conference is only one part of the many other outreaches, missions, and discipleship meetings that we hold. Please consider giving a monthly or one-time, tax deductible, donation.
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