Teaching Students To Serve And Transform Their Communities


Unique 2024 will focus on Isiah 6:9, “Here Am I”

Christ calls us to teach, baptize, serve, love, and make disciples. He has made us a new creation through one name – His. He calls us to go into homes, schools, places of work, churches, our communities, and beyond to share the Good News of the Gospel. To be His sent people.

The question is who will go? No matter our name, skin color, economic status, popularity, or talent our answer as Christians should be “Here Am I. Send Me!”

Join us this summer at Unique Student Ministries as we bend our knees and declare, Here we are, Send us.


Love God, Love People

Unique Student Ministries is a dynamic organization that is passionate about shaping the lives of young students through its dedicated focus on Missions. At the very core of Unique Student Ministries beats the heart for serving others and making a positive impact on the world for Jesus. With a deep belief in the transformative power of Jesus Christ, the organization provides students with opportunities to engage in meaningful service projects, both locally and globally introducing Jesus to the broken, hurt, and oppressed. 

Through these missions, students not only develop a heart for compassion and empathy but also gain valuable experiences and community that broaden their perspectives and cultivate their personal growth. Unique Student Ministries truly embodies the spirit of selflessness, inspiring young individuals to become agents of change and contributing members of their communities.

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Registration and Ticket Info


$ 25
  • Tuesday, July 9th - Friday, July 12th
  • Includes 3 Days of Speakers and Worship!


$ 100
  • Tuesday, July 9th - Friday, July 12th
  • Includes Mission Activities and Conference
  • Additional Mission T-Shirt and Kick-off Service
  • Deposit: $500.00 (Non-refundable deposit, guarantees a spot)